There are 10 legends of Cracow.I want to intruduce some of them.
This the first one about the Cracow’s Dragon.The Legend of the Dragon of Wawel.

Some centuries ago,the most horrible fire-belching dragon lived in a cave at the foot of the Wawel Hill, a monster that ravaged the nearby meadows by devouring grazing cattle. The bravest knights tried to overcome it   but in vain. Before they could draw their swords, the fire from the beast’s mouth killed them,
The king, who reigned at the time,sent out his heralds to announce that whosoever could kill the dragon would marry his daughter as a reward and sit on his throne after his death. Contenders encouraged by such a handsome offer came, but they were killed too .The king despaired, while the king’s daughter wrung her hands not expecting ever to be married. The dragon-ravaged the country and it became poorer and poorer.
Then a shoemaker named Skuba decided to conquer the beast by a unique strategy. After stuffing a fat ram with sulphur, he placed the tasty tidbit at the cave’s entrance. The dragon, being greedy as well as stupid, swallowed the treacherous gift in one mouthful. Its throat burned so that it ran to the nearby The Vistula river, gulping down so much water that it burst with a great bang, thus the town and the surrounding countryside was freed of its terror. Another legend tells that this shoemaker was named Krak too.

The shoemaker married the king’s daughter, and after the monarch’s death, ascended to the throne. The town, he rescued of the dragon, took its name from this shoemaker name and it bears to this day with great honour – the old capital of Poland, Krakow.
Other legend tells that it was the Great Cracovian’s joy, and the shoemaker cut out many pairs of shoes from the dead dragon’s skin. How the legend advoctae, to today it can buy them in Sukiennice(Cloth Hall). – the dragon became the icon of Cracow – today the dragon would not survive because it fed only with virgins. About conquesting the dragon it reminds the sculpture standing at foot of Wawel designed by Limping Bronisław,


All know, that Cracow is a magic city. The controversial legend advoctaes today, that it has the relationship of chacram, that is the holy mysterious stone hidden on The Wawel hill and it is the source of unusual energy. Others think, that it is the nonsense, but anothers else believe in power of the stone. Wawel is a magic place, with the special energy, here you can rest and feel relaxation. Maybe it has the relationship with the chacram . The radiesthesian measurements showed, that “heart” of the chacram is situated in undergrounds of western wing of the castle, in the St. Gereona chapel. Here there is negative ionization, which influences on general relaxation. The Cracovian legend has connection with Hindu god Shiva, who threw the seven magic stones in the seven sides of the world. One of them hit on Wawel. Hindus arrived here in to pray and why ?Now we know it why.


According to legend, Twardowski was a nobleman, living in Cracow in XVIc. He sold his soul the devil in instead for great knowledge and possibility of using the magic. He wanted to outwit the devil, so he signed with him a pledge .He added the paragraph that devil can to take his soul to the hell only in Rome, to which he did not plan to go at all.”

With the devil’s help the Twardowski gained the wealth and the fame ,at the end he became the courtier at Zygmunt’s August king .The king , after his wife death surrounded himself with astrologers,alchemists and sorcerers. How legends advoctae, then just Twardowski was successful to call out the spirit of death Barbra ,what Twardowski executed thanks to use of magic Mirror.

After many years, in inn under name Rome, where the devil caught up Twardowski at the end. In time abduction he prayed to Maria (or according to different version to sing the church song), by what the devil lost him during road. Twardowski landed on Moon, where he spends day after today, observing action men on the ground Different of legends tells, that devil freed Twardowski, because it in the pledge was contained, that it can take his soul, when he expresses the devil’s name in Rome. And how legend advocate – nobody knew this name. Twardowski noticed this fact, when the devil took him with himself. The devil let go Twardowski ,this meanwhile instead of to fall on the ground, he landed on the moon.He is till to today there.


The trumpet-call is playing on the four sides of the world,long ago for the king, the tradesfolk and go on.
This legend tells about one of the guards of the city who watching the city from The St.Mary’s Church in 1240year and in this time he noticed the Tartar’s invasion.Then he started playing the trumpet-call to warn inhabitants and defenders of the city against the approaching Tartar armies and approaching danger.The guard paid his vigilance with his life.Tartar rider’s arrow hit in his throat and the melody stopped in the half tact.Though Cracow became destroyed during this invasion almost completely.The guard’s warning permitted to prepare the city to defence and does not subject it without the fight.For the memento of that event and the guard’s attitude – the melody of trumpet call tears off in the half tact today, too. St Mary’s trumpet-call,at the begining was only played at noon,but from the 13th of February 1838 marked the punctually twelfth hour initially only. In this way Cracow was the first Polish city in which was passed the exact time and it lasts till today.The same tradition of this trumpet-call calculates 700 years.




The St Mary’s church is pride of the two towers of Cracow. About architectural peculiar of the church tells the fact, that they are uneven. Of the higher one called Hejnalica, the trumpet-call is played, in the lower one – the church bell hangs called halfzygmunt. No plans kept, which would explain the different height of the towers. It is well-known the legend then which was written by Joseph Mączyński about two brothers, famous bricklayers who started building the two towers at the end of XIII c.. When older brother got to know, that his tower is considerably higher, not wanting to be outdistanced – murdered his younger brother. However the remorses did not give him the peace, therefore he beat the knife in his heart, and he threw himself of the top of the tower then. That blooded brotherly blood knife hangs to today, chained with a chain in Sukiennice.


In 1867 r., in time of conservatory works in St Mary’s church,behind the Wita Stwosza’s altar it was discovered the dusty yellow shoe. How did it find itself there?The legend advoctae, that it belonged to Wawrzek ,a country boy, who when only found the piece of wood, he started carving. He forgot about The God’s world once so, that he didn’t notice, as a cow which he looked after- destroyed a cereal field on the parish-priest’s. Wawrzek feared to come back to the house and he ran away in the forest. He lost the road there, so he went and went until he reached

A local Canon took him, and he got to know on boy’s talent quickly and gave back him to Wita Stwosz master.
Wawrzek’s talent was valued by the same Kazimierz Jagiellończyk king and he gave to Wawrzek as a present long dreamt by boy the yellow shoes. Unfortunately, the boy did not please with them too long. He wanted to put them on the ceremony of the exposure of the altar, but when he was painted one of his sculptures he lost one of his shoes which fell down behind the altar and it has been there for almost 400
years. And poor Wawrzek had to walk barefoot againThe figures on this Altar are natural height.
The usual people of Cracow posed for these figures

In Grave it stands didn’t want to give back under the strange rule her country. Duke threatened, that he will invade the Wanda’s land. Wanting to celebrate princess’ heroism, the nation piled her up the mound.It isn’t known when it was has piled up Wanda’s mound but the legend joins its risen with the princess Wanda who did not want to marry Germanic duke Rydygier.
When the throne after the duke Krak hugged his daughter Wanda, the German duke Rytgier wanted to marry her as a wife that with her hand together to take her rich lands along the Vistula River. The young queen did not agree however at this marriage, and angry Rytgier threatened with an invasion on the Wanda’s lands, , but the fiery speech delivered by princess caused that the enemy stepped of the armed plan. The humilitated duke took back his life. However, Wanda was sad, because she knew, that she had to offer thankful sacrifice to gods so she went to the Vistula River and she jumped into the waves of the River. She was buried in the vicinity of place where the river threw out her body, and the grateful nation piled up the grave with primaeval custom in the shape of the mound there, which was called of her name- The Wanda’s Mound. In 1890 it was put the monument on the mound designed by famous Polish painter Jan Matejko who is known of the rank of Polish dukes’ and kings too.From the Hill you can admire the view of Cracow .


In the next week it will be the 31th of October and the holiday of Halloween.
Halloween has its origin in the ancient Celtic festival known as Samhain (from the Old Irish samain.) The festival of Samhain is a celebration at the end of the harvest season in Gaelic culture, and it is sometimes regarded as the “Celtic New Year”.Traditionally,at that time the festival was used by the ancient pagans to take stock of supplies and slaughter livestock for winter stores. The ancient Gaels believed that on October 31, now known as Halloween, the boundary between the alive and the deceased were dissolved, and the dead were dangerous for the living by causing problems such as sickness or damaged crops. The festivals would involve bonfires frequently , into which bones of slaughtered livestock were thrown. In that day in Ireland there were made the fires as well as it was celebrated

prayers for the deceased’s souls


Costumes and masks were also worn at the festivals in an attempt to mimic the evil spirits or placate them.In XIX c. it mowed to the United States ,where it is celebrated most sumptuously to today . The Irish immigrants carried this version of their tradition to North America in the nineteenth century.

Other western countries embraced the holiday in the late twentieth century. Halloween is celebrated in several countries of the Western world, Most commonly in the United States, Canada, Ireland, Puerto Rico, Japan, New Zealand, United Kingdom and occasionally in some parts of Australia.In Poland,it is celebrated as The Day of All Saints’which is the official holiday on the first day of November but in Poland people go to the cementary on their relatives and friends graves and lit the candles and put them on the graves and pray. During last years the Halloween moved to Poland too and it is celebrated by children and teenagers which took the custom from Amarican children and they make costumes,masks and visit houses collecting suvenirs and make tricks too.

The symbols of this celebrating the witches ,skeletons ghosts the carved pumpkin,lit by a candle inside of it.If you want to know more about this tradition you can read and see on this .


The 1st of November is coming now.In Poland,this day is named“The Day of All Saints.It is the day of memory about these who went away and who isn’t already among us.The Polish tradition orders visiting the graves of our relatives and friends in these days and lit the candles and the ever-burning fires and composition of wreaths and the flowers. Visiting these place of eternal rest,we keep appropriate seriousness,we think about lapse and call faint remembrances. Cemetery is a place where our the closest rest; grandparents, brother ,sister, and our parents, as well as closest of our familiar. We should respect them too.
The deceaseds’ holiday is the good moment on reflections and also over own life , over past, present and future. It is the opportunity to remembrances, to division with worries, problems and joy.

Deceaseds’day is an encouragement to meditation, to considerations and about fading history,which is worth to strenghten for descendants.Cultivating the memory of the deceaseds members’of family,it is also the good lesson for our children.

The Memory about deceaseds is the certificate of funeral rituals,and our morals also.people lives so long,how long lasts our memory about them.In this day the members of family meet together to mention their relatives and pray for their sols.In this day a lot of people are on the cementary of the brightness of fire. but in the evening the cementary is brightened by candles and the ever-burning fires and the sky above the cementary is visible from far of the brightness of fire. By the grave






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  1. Its amazing nora.its Lord Shiva.the indian god,who tide d snake in nake.pasvathi is his wife.ganpathi the small one their child.vigneshwar is another name of ganpathy

  2. Realy you can get all details regarding hindu, from the web www. of 'Indian inistitute of scientific heritage'Dr. gopalakrishnan, director,(Dr.N.Gopalakrishnan,,"paithrika sannesham".
    he can give u all details in this . May be his e mail is dr.

  3. Dear friend Nora , many a times I have experienced that there is some reason why we meet the people who seems to be unknown in present life term. However after meeting these persons we feel like we know each other since long and we experience very warmth feeling. Though we do not know reasons. According to HINDU belief CRACOW city is the ancient times " BHRUGU ARANYA " .Bhrugu was a "Rishi" means a saintly very knoledgable person.. ARANYA means forest. A place nearly 60 km from Cracow is Jordno . From Jordno there is a hill which is a place of God PARSHURAM. . Now let me know whether there is any area called " TORPOREZISKO " ? Aniruddha

  4. Yes Nora , Aniruddha is my first name . This is one of the 24 names of God VISHNU. Kavishwar is last name. As I said Parvati Rozen Wizburg has written a book named , " MESSENGER OF THE SACRED FIRE " Where in she has explained the Cracow's connection with INDIA. She is resident of Cracow. She alongwith her husband has opened an healing center at the hill near Jordno'w. I m also trying to get information about God shiva and the kegand connected with stone. Have a pleasant day and great time ahead. :yes: Aniruddha

  5. Is Aniruddha your name kavishwar?.I'm happy that you think in this nice way about me.I feel and think like you.But coming back to the legend of Cracow which tells about connecting to India as you see alone – maybe it is true not only a legend?Who knows?This place about 60 kkm of Cracow is called Jordanów and the other place is 1,4 km far away of Jordanów and it is called TOPORZYSKO.In this region and ther region around Cracow,I can tell that all South region of Poland is hilly.I would like to insert some photos of Toporzysko so I will insert in post because I can't do it in the comment.I found them especially for you and found some the history information about this place too.So you can see them.OK?Thank you very much for so nice your comment.Look for it on the blog. THanks kavishwar for extra information and I'm waiting for next information.I would like to correct the name of this town. Not Jordno'w but Jordanów.I'm sorry.This "ó" you can write pressing first "Alt" and then "o" pressing then together.Good luck.

  6. Thank you fot reading these legends of Cracow and you see that you should visit this City.I would be greatfull if you could write about this god shiva,ganapathi and parvathi.Which of these is gamapathi and which is parvathi?Thanks for visiting my blog again.I' m writing the next legends of Cracow.There are 10 legends.Not all I will write but only some of them. Thanks for your comment:up: Thank you for this explaining but could you explain why their child is with a trunk?I know that Lord Shiva is Indian God but is he still exists in the present religion?Did you read this legend of Cracow with this chacram .Is there a similar legend about this chacram?I'm greatful you that I can know m:) ore about this god.

  7. Hi.Zetorres.Yes you right,it is a really interesting place for visiting and I think that you could plan one of your holiday for visiting this City.Have nice e:up: vening.What is it in your list? Cracow? Very good choice for visiting and spending holiday there.

  8. Thank you Kidkenshin for comment.Yes,Cracow is a beautiful and a magic city with a rich history especialy for the students and tourists so I think that you should come and see it and walk through the city especially in the evening and walk along old streets.You can see the photos in my album of Cracow.There are more photos.Kidkenshin Thera are a lot of cafes too

  9. "THE LEGEND ABOUT THE ST.MARY'S TRUMPET CALL"I know about this legend on channel "Travel and Life" in our Vietnam TV shown last week. Exactly same picture of the guards playing trumpet-call and the tower of the St.Mary's Church. They had a long show introducing on Belgium, too. Really nice.

  10. In Poland all people know the legend of Cracow especialy these legend with I wrote above and all children too.The legend about the yellow shoe was written as a story and it was filmed too.Our Capital City Warsaw has some legends too though it isn't so old like Cracow.I didn't know that you could see it on your TV in your country and in Belgium too.I 'm happy that I could to close them too.Best wishes.:)

  11. Travel and Life is my favorite channel. We watched it in English language when I have business travel to somewhere out of Vietnam. When I stay home, I also can watch in local Language.I love this channel since I love travel, beauty of nature, wonderful places that I've never been, nice legends …etc.Poland is also close with Vietnam 🙂 Many Vietnamese learned and stayed there.

  12. Yes,that's true.Many Vietnamese have learned ,stayed and worked in Poland.I like watching the beauty of nature,wonderful places and legends too,history of different interesting places too.Have you ever been in Poland too?Thank you for your comment.

  13. Not yet. I hope I can come someday in future. Try to search for channel Travel and Life, you can find many interesting things.

  14. Maybe one day you will have an occasion to visit Poland and thanks you for advice.I will try to search this channel.Thank you for your information.You are kind.:idea:

  15. Nora , are u pagan? We in Hindu religion have 15 days after ANANT CHATURDASHI i.e. after immersion of God GANESHA'S idol (It comes in either Aug or Sep.depending upon the moon position.). During these 15 days we pray for our ancestor's soul.It is believed that during this period "PITAR" (ANCESTORS) have permission to visit earth . A small ritual is performed in the memory of all the PITAR alongwith a prayer to rest thier souls in peace. Ani

  16. NO.I'm not a pagan and I don't know if todays there are pagans too.I only described the Irish tradition of celebrating the halloween which is treated rather as funny party but the roots of this tradision took the part from the old Irish tradision.That's all.In Poland people celebrate christanity tradision on the 1st of November and what this tradision looks like you can read above.I wrote too and it is different than Irish Old tradition.Todays Irish don't celebrate this tradision serious too because they are christanities or protestants too but the roots of protestants are in christianity too.

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