My favourite City

Cracow,this is the province city in the south of POLAND.It is the great industrial centre and finacially-trade.This is the second one after Warsaw ,the cultural – touristic and scientific Centre well-known in the whole world.In Cracow,there are many valuable historical relics being on the listof the World Cultural Heritage of Relics and Natural.

On this list,there is The Royal Castle called WAWEL(from IV-VIc)and the gothic-renaissance cathedral with the Chapel Zygmuntowska,many churches of beginning XIX c.and the most famous The Mariacki Church with the famous altar by Witt Stwosz from 1477-89.and many different famous buildings like the Sukiennice,

The Town Hall Tower where from we can hear the trumpet-call playing on the trumpet as the memento after invasion of the Tatars every day and formed on the background of the legend which tells,that the trumpeter in that time of that invasion had the shot through his throat and the trumpet-call was broken suddenly then.Today this trumpet-call is intermittent just in the same moment.We can also see The Lajkonik as the Tartar’s symbol of those times,on the artificial horse in tartar’s clothes with the mace.

Except of these relics,there are several scientific Academies and universities including the most famous Jagieloński University Founded by Jadwiga,The Queen of Poland in 1364 c.
During the rules of Kazimierz I Restorer in 1038-1058-Cracow became the Capital City of Poland and it was till XVI c.Near Wawel,there is the dragon pit according to the legend about a dragon to which the most beautiful girls were have given and the Cracovian shouemaker killed the dragon passing it the ram with the sewed up sulphur,and which burnt it so it went to The Vistula River and drinking water burst out,and the second legend connected with Cracow is about the King Krak and his daughter Wanda who did not want German as a husband so she jumped of the castle to the Vistula River.Cracow took its name of this legendary King Krak.I lived in Cracow when I was a baby.My father was buried there too,when he died and when I was 1-year old baby.And here,there are several pictures of Cracow.This is an ideal place for students and tourists.



  1. Yes chezgear.I love this city very much and I'm interested in its history.I told only a very little part of it. It has got a very rich history. and It's worth to see.:up:

  2. Respected Nora , while commenting on reendu's blog I came accross ur comments also. It created curiocity to visit ur blog. I must appreciate ur way to describe the things of ur interest. My curiocity increased multifold by reading ur blog.. Ani

  3. Hello, how are you? I liked your blog – and the picture by Pawel Krzan. I added you to my friends list, if it's ok. Please let me know – by pm or comments – if it's ok 🙂

  4. it's a beautiful city. I wish I could go to there. I would take a walk to see everything in the evening. I think that city is beautiful in the evening, isnt it?

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