It has heard about more and more frequent cases of suicides among the children recently.

The worst it is,that the number of suicides among children and the youth,grow up with year on year and today’s they already find itself on the third place among causes of death.
At youth we can observe the limitation of skill of solving problems and the problem can concern with all environments of children.The frequent causes of suicides is the lack of belief in themselves,in own possibilities,and also the bad treatment by peers,It often happens,they do not see the sense of farer life and they can’t to manage with problems and the expectations of a school and also the families.The family homes should assure the children,the feeling of love and the safety and to prepare for them to adult’s life also,to manage with the problems.Parents more often should being with their children during the day,to dedicate them more time.In this age,children very painfully feel every change of school and what it goes for this,also peers and familiar.Maybe it happens that children will be throw aside by class colleagues at new schools and they will not be able to manage with this.Family should be the place in which the children will be able to find themselves and find quiet and understanding.Except the school’s problems and bad contacts with the peers,on suicide tests at children and youth it has also the bad influence of their home atmosphere.In the families in which is the lack of understanding and these children are lonely in solving their problems and there the children have not parents’support,they are often weaker mentally and more sensitive on adversity of fate and they can more often to come to suicide.
Period of maturation is particularly difficult period in the teenagers’life.From the one side,they desire to be accepted and popular by peers, from the second side,they have to look for their own life’s road,to shape their own personality. Often,different kinds of drugs or the liquor cause of isolation in their condiments as the environment,which is the cause of frustration often and the misunderstanding and in after-effect jerk on their own life.It is the important that the family house also would be the place to which children wants to come back and to find love,understanding and their place.The requirements, today’s from day on day, grow in the face of youth and children.They are not often able to match them.The feeling of imperfection be bears but not only.Often,the pressure exerted by their peers aggression,and the lack of acceptance in families it is the cause of suicides at the children.
It should be the telephones of confidence and places,where the youth and the children will receive the advice,psychological help and where they will can say, and also feel important and accepted.The special care the children and the youth should be surrounded which survived after unsuccessful suicide tests.What it has not to pretend, but the problem of suicides among the children and the youth exists .

Sad,broken down , not loved.



  1. You are wright, may b one of the reason is d neuclear family life, in d threst of day today life nobody has time to share feeling each other, every body wants to make more money other than any.

  2. Hi.Maybe when more people will understand this problem so they will think how to help and then this problem won't be a problem any more or though it will be smaller.

  3. Everything that you say is true. One of the problems with the nuclear family is that young people have very little contact with their grandparents. If the grandparents were closer or better yet living with the family, the children would have people to talk to that they feel comfortable with. The grandparents would be able to profide some advice or at least some comfort to the children. Children feel that they have to be self-reliant and that makes life more difficult for them than it has to be.

  4. I'm glad that someone else understand this problem and lack enough contacts children with their families :up: and grandparents too.

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