"Autumn is coming "

For me the most
sadness time of the year.
Trees lose their leaves
and the rest of the year
they are saddly naked.

It is also the season in which
the days rapidly get shorter and cooler,
It makes me sad too
especially when I'm sad .
Sadness remembers me emptiness too.
I think that they go in a pair.
And I know that for different people
they mean different feelings.
Sadness and emptiness are different
for the deserted children and
bad treated animals
as well as for adults
but they wake the same feelings
though emptiness can be of choices
but sadness not.
The two wards are similar to sad Autumn-
making emptiness and sadness in the nature
with a grey rainy sky and cold wind.

Behind the window
the howling wind goes mad
and it flogs with the rain whip.
And the flower on the balcony in a box,
fights about its life alone.
I can't cry
though the trees are standing
deadly naked,
they only enlarge the sadness,
and Autumn is coming
crying with drops of the rain.

by E.M.Translated by E.M. too
Autumn 2008[/COLOR]

But do not be sad…I love you still…and think of you always…i will always love you…and be with you…always…and forever…
"An Autumn Rain”

Autumn sounds in my ears sadly;
my heart is filled
of sadness till the brims ,
I already don't feel anything,
only tears roll down the cheeks
like the Autumn rain,
flowing down the pane,
around only gray skies,
chill and emptiness,
which whole heart fills slowly.
my heart only may cry,
nobody is near it
It only may cry with rain together,
and after a moment whole body is crying
it already poured out so many tears,
that it stayed a little of them.
does the heart may live yet?
Though it desires the help so much
nobody treads towards it ,
behind the window
only the Autumn rain
on the pane rings,
and the heart sinks more and more in sadness ,
I do not cry,
only the wet leaves
bathed with the rain drops,
and the heart is crying
with the autumn rain.

by E.M.>
translated by E.M. too


The sky covered with gray clouds
is crying with rainy drops,

standing naked trees move with
their naked branches sadly,
and with their sad view
enlarge more my sadness yet,
they don't let me to be happy at all
they only deepen the feeling of emptiness
and such in my soul always staying
don't let forget about past too.
Sometimes I ask me
Where from I came and where to go..
I sometimes think that I understand
For what someone taught us to dream
But now it is not important
it is important to live.

by E.M. and translated by E.M.too
October 2008[/COLOR]


32 thoughts on “AUTUMN IS COMING

  1. I wonder why autumn there comes with sadness, lonely, tears, dead trees …etc. Ancient European lands seem fall into sleep and silence. We, a tropical country, think of Autumn with light rain, light winds , smell of "Hoa Sua" flower, Moon Festival, School-Year starting festival …etc. Nice and romantic Autumn !

  2. hi Nuoi-Day-Con.Maybe for that you are living in warm climate but in Europe we have hot or warmth only 3 or 4 months a year.The rest of the year is wet,cold,grey and a lot rains but mostly cold.The sky is grey ,plants are die for more months,around it's grey,empty and sad.Everything makes sadness.I think so and I feel it so too.

  3. Thank you a lot that you value it .Sometimes I need to write poems.With them I can express my thoughts and my feelings. I don't do that so often but only then when they write on their own in my thoughts and I only write down them .But I thank you.

  4. Hi.Nuoi-Day-Con.Yes ,I think so that this time you could like because you were in the right time for short.But we live here all our life and for the most month of the year we have got only 4 or 5 but sometimes only 3 months a year nice and warm.But the most months of the year we have got like in the picture,cold,rain ,grey and sad too ,like last 2 weeks, and before my writing this poem and a post there was the same bad weather.This week for example , probably it will be nice but now it is only 10 deegres C.,but in the region where I live ,it can change in a moment and again it can be rainy,grey,cold,windy and sad.Bad weather I feel in this way.I dream about living in a warm place for most months of the year not only for 3 or 5 months.

  5. Today all day it is very bad weather again.The sky is covered all with grey clouds .It is raining again..The weather forcast told that it would be warm and sunny but not at places where I live.Look above.I wrote that the weather can change in a moment and it changed.The day is sad and gloomy and unpleasant.I hate such weather it makes me sad too.:(

  6. Hi Nora, We are heading into fall here in the US. The leaves are starting to change color and the evenings are really incredible. I also added you as a friend, please let me know of this is OK? :angel:

  7. Before you know it…the leaves will be green again….and you will not be sad…..and you will have a new beginning….you must forget the past …forget some you knew and be new again.:)

  8. The green leaves will be only for 5 months and the rest of the year they will be yellow only for 2-3 months. rest of the year they are saddly naked without any leaves.The sky covered with grey clouds is crying with rainy drops,standing naked trees move with their naked branches sadly,and with their sad viewenlarge more my sadness yet,they don't let me to be happy at allthey only deepen the feeling of emptiness and such in my soul always stayingdon't let forget about past too..:( 😦 πŸ˜₯

  9. YOUR POEMS ARE LIKE MIRRORS.I ENJOYED THE NATURE THROUGH YOUR POEM.IT TOOK ME CLOSER 2 THE NATURE.BUT WHEN I FINISHED READING YOURPOEMs I SAW THE CLOSED WINDOW, RUNNING A.C. ,TOTALLY ARTIFICIAL WORLD.I apreciate you from my core of heart 4 your poetic genius. I pray 2 thecreator so that u can give your reader more beautiful gift.

  10. I'm touched with your wards and a comment for my poems.You are very kind.I thank you very much.And the same to you.Good luck and best wishes.:confused: πŸ™‚ :heart:

  11. – I fill these quiet last two days with all of you…Thanks for the pleasent moments, reading your poems, they are very beautiful. Autumm is a season where all nature is falling to sleep and get dressed with soft brown shades … its good to be alone by the ending day, sharing with you this magical moments, thanks!

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