your heart and you

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14 thoughts on “THE HEART

  1. Thank you for your good opinion but your blog is nice too .There are a lot to see too and read too but I don't know your language so I can't understand a lot.Best wishes:up: 💡

  2. "look with your heart" — I used a very similar statement in my latest blog post. and imagination:With distance, comes the liberating power of imagination. Consider the man who is facing a brick wall. His nose is pressed right to the wall. To him, "The World" is nothing but a giant brick. But as he steps back and puts distance between himself and "The World", that world becomes larger: He sees more of the wall, and then the grass and the trees and the sky.Not only this: Once he breaks his attachment to the brick, he begins to see that he is co-creator of the world. The grass exists, in part, because he chooses to notice it. The flowers exist for the same reason: They exist for him. And as he opens his heart to the flowers, they become more than flowers: They become roses and tulips and daffodils. They become fragile and brave and bold and inviting. They become a universe of splendor. This universe is seen by only one person, and thus, it is partly the creation of that person: Its existence depends on his ability to see with his heart.)+

  3. Really,That's true.You tell with different words but exactly all of these words mean look with your heart.You tell of using all feelings,imaginations,believes so with all humen's senses which touch very deeply their hearts and souls.In each posts you use similar statements though in different ways.Than k you for letting me know your points of views.:up:

  4. I agree with lysander. I have observed that once your thought gain particular level of understanding about oneself and the relationship with universe , words may be different however thoughts are same. Aniruddha

  5. Welcome Ani.Y haven't been so long on my page.How are you? Yes, you have a completely right.We can say about the same feelings with different words and in different ways but it won't change the meanings . So the words "look with your heart" can be understand in the same way . My best wishes to you Ani. 🙂 :up:

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