Help Animals.They need your help.

Many animals are treated bad by their owners. Animals are starved ,beaten and maltreated. Children are not taught, that cruelty attitude towards animals is inhuman. There were cases recently, that children poured on the cat and dog inflammable liquid and they set fires on them doing pictures of their cruel actions with their mobile phone .In the last days , 3 boys bullied on the small kitten and they tortured 2 young girls who tried to rescue that maltreated small kitten .Those young girls are in the hospital in very heavy state at the moment . Those examples of cruelties attitude towards animals also give rise cruelties towards men too.And so, if you agree with me so say stop of cruelties to animals and insert these pictures on your blogs .They feel the same one what we feel. If you have the fate of helpless

We all feel the pain in the same way.


4 thoughts on “Help Animals.They need your help.

  1. animals are beauty of they decreasing day by daywhat happened man? iam also hate the cruel activity against animals.:knight:

  2. Yes, you are the second person who interested with this theme.For that I thank you.If most people will be intersted in this theme maybe more animals will survive for the next generations.:up: :cat: :monkey: :pingu: :bug: :cow:

  3. Animals & plants r 2 important elements of the world.they help 2 maintain ecological balance. by destroying them we are endangering our own's a nice initiative that has been taken by u.i appreciate the initiativewhole heartedly.i am with u in this campaign. we have 2 ahead the campaign.i am thinking about it & u should think broadly .so that we can make a way 2 solve this problem.oh i have forgot 2 mention 1 thing.if i got the opportunity 2 make a list of 10 most kind human, ur name will be in the 1st position. i swear……

  4. Thank you .It is simply.I think that we should be gently to ourselves.If people would be gentle and value to themselves , maybe it wasn't so many violenses in the world.

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