MY POEM S – ” I N S O M N I A “

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“I N S O M N I A”

The Sun hides behind the clouds ,
I know, that together with birds the wind will also  fall asleep,
And then, I really live, then I can not asleep  just.
I can hear the murmur of leaves
And the wind hum behind the window,
Even the breaths sleepy people around.
And my soul wakes to life then,
I fear to drop of  anything,
I continually would like to chase this life.
It seems me, just then,
That when I fall asleep,
then my life will go out.
Therefore, when all sleep around calmly,
I do not sleep, I chase my life running away.
I would like to enrich it more yet,
Does not to let anything throw away
What it can be kept’
-the hum of the wind behind the window,
-birds’ singing , flowers’ scent in the morning,
-the blue of the sky’
-the moon ,stars and the sun,
Because I will say sincerely,
That I do not believe
In the life after the death.
Only here and now,when I live,
It happens , what it is the most beautiful,
From here it is insomnia mine,
And this my happiness.

Translating from Polish E.M. too.


21 thoughts on “MY POEM S – ” I N S O M N I A “

  1. I thought your poem was a translation of somebody else. Whatever. It was both nice, mostly, and a little frightening. Not to be able to sleep is frightening. :love:

    • It is only my personal feelings and really,I can’t sleep, because I fear that when I go asleep then I will asleep for ever,but I love my life, even it isn’t reach or good enough.

  2. No.they weren't They are mine,only mine.Translations too.They aren't anyone else. Frightening?. NO,they aren't.They only show my real feelings,my real thoughts.Only this.I can't think and write diffrent.I write what I feel and all poems on my blog are only mine and by me.Translations too.Such are my feelings but thank you for your comment and now you know what I think about the life after the death.:heart:

  3. Thank you for understanding it and me and your friendly comment.You know much of it what I think and my opinions too about different things from my comments to your posts and comments others on your blog so this poem shouldn't surprise you.Everything it is me.Have a nice day.:)

  4. I've read "The book of Jungle"in Polish and in English and watched film based on it but I haven't read any his poems.Have you got it?

  5. Nora, I've read your "Insomnia" and tried to translate it. Not sure that I've done it correct… But as it's seemed to me, the poem is beautiful. It's very pathetic (проникновенно, 🙂 I don't know, I've translated this word correctly or not) and with feeling. I'm sad that I don't speak Polish and can't read your original poems. It would be much more beautiful with a rhyme.

  6. Welcome on my page.Thank you very much for your so very kind opinion of my poem.It says about my real personal feelings and thoughts.Of course,in Polish the rhyme is better but when I was translating it in English I always could not find the right rhyme. But I think that you can learn Polish,There are many similar words in Polish and Russian. Why? You can find on my blog the legend of our common roots.Have you ever heard about the legend of three brothers?- Lech, Chech and Rus? This legend tells why Chech Republic,Poland and Russia have got similar languages and count to the same ethnic group. This word "pathetic" in Polish means similar – "patetyczny ", and your word"проникновенно" in Polish means "przenikliwie" what in English it is "penetratingly". Have a nice evening,

  7. hi..Nora,no i hav not got any books of Rudyard Kipling.but i read some poem of him in website.they really touched my soul..

  8. HI.It is very nice to see you again after so long time.I have only "The Jungle book " by him and I like it.Have you read it?

  9. So when you will colect them, read then tell me some poems by Rudyard Kipling.Oh I would like to tell you that I'm going out tomorrow and I won't on Opera for some time so I want to wish you a lot of happiness in your business and good luck.

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