In this place and time
I am still alone and alone
Days alone passing by
Nothing changes around
Autumn comes back
every year the same,
destroying greenness,
dreams and memory,
instead of anything not giving,
and I, how a bird with clipping wings,
falling and shouting still alone,
I look for my dreams which I lost
I look for happiness continually,
which somewhere has gone
only autumn’s wind around me

madly dances laughing as
a sifting echo,
above me entangles naked branches
smashing their fragile bodies
not leaving them even
remembrance of summer,
it scatters last leaves around,
it drives away grey rainy clouds,
while in my heart only sadness leaves.
After sad cheek the bitter tear rolls,
Sky sheds also the bitter drops of rain,
And I’m staying alone to meditate
Over the life of lapse.
Summer finished long ago,
and the sad autumn followed,
and I'm whole in my sadness like naked trees
with wild geese's shout blessed
I'm looking at these naked trees ,
Over my cheek rolls the sad tear
and rain about the pane
with tearful drops rings.

Translated by E.M .too

„ Love to life”

I love the life
Life it is you and I,
Life are the birds in the sky,
Life it is the hot sun,
With its heating rays,
Life it is the moon and the stars
Brightening up the road at the night,
It is also the light day,
It’s the hum of the wind in the trees’ crowns’
The waves hum in the seas and oceans ,
Life it is a joy and sadness also
Happiness and bad fate,
Bread on the table and the money money-belt,
Because the life it is the whole world,
And in it you and I,
Happy or sad,
Happy or not,
But it is what I love the most
At nights and in the days.

By E. M.
and translated by E.M. too

I love you very much[/COLOR]
Just kiss me![/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR]


12 thoughts on “MY POEMS

  1. I am just trying 2 say that my writing style is so immatured in front of her writing style.honestly speaking if i could do something 4 her, it would be great.

  2. Nora: You did it again, baby! I am so impressed in your meaningful rhymes and words that came from your deep heart. A lot of credits go for you. Beautiful! Keep it up. Thank you so much.

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