New birthday- is it good or bad

My zoodiac sign -TAURUS-
On the 15th of May it will be my birthday.I'm sad because

I understood that I will be a year older.

I don't like it.

I think,that people sholdn't be older,

they should be at the same age all the time to the end

of the life.

What about you.?

I like such things but I can't do them.


6 thoughts on “New birthday- is it good or bad

  1. You are so welcome Nora…it is a good thing we are able to edit these comments…..I fixed my errors. Princess ..and Queen of Flowers…Nora! :angel: :heart: :angel:

  2. Nora why r u in so dipressing attitude ? So also why do u think ur birthday means growing older ? God has given us an opportunity with a body alongwith 5 sensory organs , 6th is mind 7th is intellectual power 8th is identity to experience and play a game called life. There is somthing to gain at every stage of age. Every day starts with a new brand morning. Experience the beauty of nature. Look at colourful sky on sunrise ,the blinking stars on the no moon night. Even stem of beautiful , colourful roses posses thorns , but they exists to save the flower. Have a nice time . I wish I could meet a knowldgeable person like u in my lifetime . Ani,

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